10 Different Uses for a Raspberry Pi

uses for a Raspberry Pi

Almost seven years ago, a UK-based IT company introduced a new computer system pattern named Raspberry Pi, which shares its name with the company. Initially designed to teach basic computer science, experts later discovered various applications for Raspberry Pi.

Surprisingly, it surpassed sales targets in the field of robotics. Its popularity is attributed to the absence of peripherals like a mouse or keyboard. To avoid delving into technical interpretations, this article will focus on discussing the 10 most significant uses of Raspberry Pi.

Uses For a Raspberry Pi

There are many significant uses for a Raspberry Pi; here, we will only discuss the 10 most common uses for a Raspberry Pi.

1. Use It as Your Desktop

With some necessary components, you can easily set up a desktop using Raspberry Pi. Its 3rd version, which comes with WiFi, provides internet access. Additionally, it comes with LibreOffice as a replacement for MS Office, along with the Chromium browser. Overall, you can use it as a PC with ease.

2. Use It With Your Old Printer

It can be frustrating to own an old printer that doesn’t have WiFi support. But before you dispose of the printer, you can give it a try with the Raspberry Pi system. You just need to connect it to your home network, install the necessary drivers, and there you have it—a working printer!

3. Play Old Games

Old 16-bit games are nostalgic! But today, those games are hard to find, and it’s even challenging to locate a working console. With Raspberry Pi, you can relive those games, as it comes with Recalbox and RetroPie, two retro gaming options that are included with it.

4. Control Robots

Raspberry Pi has some dedicated robotics options built into it. So, it can be one of the ideal choices for controlling your robot-based projects. You can control the robot while the battery is powered by the system. The communication system comes with it too; so, you can control the robot with ease.

5. Prepare Videos With Time-lapse

With a portable battery solution and a tripod, you can capture time-lapse videos easily with a Raspberry Pi. You have to use the single frame clicks with the time delay feature to get the best result. Now, using Raspberry Pi is efficient and hassle-free. So, you should consider the option.

6. Create Web Servers

Now, you can literally host your blog or website using Raspberry Pi, meaning you can create web servers if you harness the skills. You can use Apache and its libraries, or you can give a try to the full LAMP stack powered by PHP and MySQL. Meanwhile, it would be best to set up an FTP first.

7. Create Security Systems with Motion Capture

You can create your very own motion capture security system with Raspberry Pi. It comes with a dedicated Camera Module that you can use, or you can try a USB webcam to build your security system. However, storage is an issue that you have to deal with.

8. Stream Videos on YouTube

One of the trending ways to stream live videos to YouTube is by using the Camera Module of Raspberry Pi. However, you can also use a USB webcam for streaming as well. All you need is a YouTube channel and the libav-tools package installed, and you are good to go live!

9. Learn to Code

Now, this leads back to the primary reason for creating Raspberry Pi. However, today, you can take help from the built-in codes of the platform and learn to code quickly. Scratch, which powers the system, is a block-based programming tool. It avoids the complexities of inputs and helps you create programs faster.

10. Create a Smart Mirror

For those who don’t know what Smart Mirror is; it is a two-way mirror with a unique display positioned behind the glass. If we cut down the technical part; we can use this technology to fetch the latest news, or videos, and do much more. Interestingly, Smart Mirror is powered by Raspberry Pi.


Raspberry Pi was first designed in the year 2012. Since then, we have used it for numerous purposes. The points that we just mentioned are a handful of uses that the system can offer. The bottom line here is Raspberry Pi is a competent system that we can utilize more. All we need to do is consider the option.

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