10 Reasons to Learn Swift Programming Language

Reasons to Learn Swift Programming Language

Apple Inc. developed a programming language named ‘Swift Programming Language’. This multi-paradigm and compiled programming language was developed for general-purpose use in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, Linux, and z/OS. This language is designed to make it work with Apple’s Cocoa and Cocoa Touch framework and Objective-C code that is written for Apple devices.

Swift, designed by Chris Lattner and his team was first launched five years ago on June 2, 2014. Afterward, it was upgraded and re-launched many times. It is also safe to use and can produce software that runs very fast. So, now let’s discuss the reasons why one should learn the Swift programming language.

Reasons to Learn Swift Programming Language

Swift Programming Language is a powerful language that is much easier to use and interactive though its syntax is concise. The compiler of the latest version of Swift is optimized for performance. The language is optimized for the development of the version.

Now let us discuss the reasons for learning Swift Programming Language:

1. It is a Fast Language

Apple Inc. has been researching the Swift Language to improve its qualities as much as possible. The versions of Swift launched to date are much faster than other languages. The developers are improving it regularly so that it can run app logic.

The improvements help Swift to perform C++ for the Mandelbrot algorithm with a mere factor of 1.03. The augmented compiler and language of Swift produce faster codes for release and debug builds. Its compiler also gives fix-it suggestions.

2. It is a Safe Language as Well

Swift can detect compiler errors if you write the wrong codes. It creates a brief feedback loop and also allows the coders to do programming with intention. The Swift Programming Language fixes written codes efficiently which can save time and money spent on fixing bugs related to pointer logic from Objective-C.

Swift also incites run-time crashes to offer predictable behavior if any nil optional variable is used. So it is a safe language.

3. The Language has Abundant Learning Resources

Swift is an easy interactive language and also has lots of ways to learn it. There is a big host of free resources that can help you to create your app ideas. Even Apple also offers written and online resources for learning the Swift Programming Language.

You can also find various courses on the internet. Apart from this, you can also find various courses on YouTube. But it will be better to do paid classes for learning Swift. 

4. It is an Easy-to-Learn Language

Swift has a very good easy-to-learn interface. Apple has created it, keeping in mind the essence of learning it. The engineers of Apple have designed it for professional developers, yet it is easily understandable.

Due to easy interactions with Swift, even a novice can learn and begin to build new app ideas in just a few months. For this reason, Swift has worldwide fame among all the app developers.

5. Swift has a Generalized Structure of Codes

As Swift has a concise code structure, it can curtail the writing of codes for repetitive lines and string manipulation. Swift also has the feature of adding two strings together which is missing in Objective-C language.

The type system of codes in Swift manages the complexity of code statements with the help of its compiler. It also supports string interpolation that allows programmers to insert variables directly into the user-facing strings.

6. It Gives Allowance to Access Dynamic Libraries

With the evolution of versions, Swift Programming Language upgrades its libraries from static to dynamic. Dynamic libraries are the lump of codes that are executable and can be linked with apps. Swift allows access to dynamic libraries.

This feature also enables present apps to link with newer forms of Swift language. These dynamic libraries help in programming language changes and improvements so that they can run faster than before.  

7. Swift Programming Language is Adept in Memory Management

Unlike Objective-C, a programmer does not need to think about the memory for any digital object the user creates in Swift. The Swift Programming Language has the complete support of Automatic Reference Counting (ARC). It maintains all the memory issues during compilation.

ARC in Swift works across procedural and object-oriented code, which does not need any permit of mental context switches for programmers even if he/ she writes lower-level APIs. The high performance of memory management has increased productivity levels.

8. It Always Sustains Interactive Coding

Swift introduces ‘playground’ which is software that enables a programmer to test a new algorithm without creating a whole new iPhone app. Apple Inc. has adjoined inline code execution to playgrounds. The playground creates a feedback loop when a programmer is writing codes or algorithms.

This feedback loop improves the speed of writing codes. When a programmer is getting good feedback along with the reduction of strain, it can make him/her more productive. 

9. Swift Gives Platforms for Programmers

Swift has more job opportunities than programmers. Due to its high octant demand, more jobs are created, and opportunities are provided in this field. Now, if anyone knows Swift Programming Language, then he/ she will be in the limelight of the coding world.

As a result, a Swift programmer can build his/ her career in this field and will be able to make a living through his/her skills. It has been claimed that Swift is one of the most demanding languages for freelance developers.

10. It is Easily Approachable in any Platform

Swift is open-source, so it can be used on any platform like Linux, Android, etc. It is a big advantage for developers who are creating server solutions. A person can also learn Swift Programming Language on a browser of any platform using the IBM Swift Sandbox.

Also, you can develop and host Swift server-side applications. Therefore, it can be said that Swift is an enterprise-ready programming language.


Swift is easier than most other languages, not only for learning but also concerning running and using it. The aforesaid reasons are some of the epitome features of Swift Programming Language. You can be a past master in it and make your career holding the hands of Swift.

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