Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It in 2024?

Are Coding Bootcamps Worth It

Coding Bootcamps are an intensive training program that helps employers to learn many aspects of coding. Usually, the Bootcamps last for 8-12 weeks. One can get knowledge of HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Git, Command line, web tools, and more.

This is faster and more affordable than any traditional college degree. But are the coding boot camps worth trying? In this section, we will look over the topic in more detail.

Benefits of Coding Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamps can be a bit costly. The average cost of Coding Bootcamps is $12,000. Moreover, it is quite hard. You need to go through a series of classes and homework. But it is the way you can learn things quickly.

The Coding Bootcamps are usually very different from the general education classes. The major benefits of Coding Bootcamps are:

  1. It is more affordable than the traditional way of education.
  2. Many code schools come with innovative repayment options like deferred tuition, employer sponsorships, etc.
  3. Coding boot camps mainly pay more attention to practical knowledge. This practical knowledge helps the students to excel in the workplace.

However, one can evaluate the worth by determining three things. These are-

  1. Ability to secure a job
  2. Increased income
  3. Job satisfaction

1. Ability to Secure a Job

Most of the bootcamps mainly focus on the knowledge that students will need in their jobs. This knowledge helps them secure a good position in tech companies. Since most companies rely on code, a software developer can work in several fields. They can work at a hospital, in the automotive industry, and much more. Hence, you need not worry about the job.

Companies like Google, Amazon, and Spotify also hire from such bootcamps. Not only in large companies, but boot camp alumni have also made their mark even in small startup companies. So, boot camp graduates are in high demand.

2. Income Status

It is reported that the average salary of a coding Bootcamp graduate is over $70,000. However, they usually find jobs within 120 days. Moreover, with every new job, the salary goes up by $10,000. So, it is quite promising.

3. Job Satisfaction

This is certainly the most interesting point to describe. To be faithful, is completely an individual’s perspective. If you are tired of the old job and want to get into the tech world, it can be satisfactory for you.

Moreover, Coding Bootcamps do not promise job satisfaction. But if you are passionate about tech jobs, Coding Bootcamps can be a way to get started.


As coding bootcamps have changed the traditional way of learning, they are gaining much popularity. So, there are plenty of such coding bootcamps. But the problem is you have to choose the right one. Not all bootcamps are the same.

A good coding bootcamp can lessen your struggle to get a job. With a good coding bootcamp, you can build a strong portfolio. Whether a coding bootcamp is good or not also depends on you. If you work hard, you can learn a lot of things. Hope you have liked the article and found it useful.

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