Are Frameworks the New Programming Languages?

Are Frameworks the New Programming Languages

Previously, there was no concept of a framework; all we knew were programming languages. In the recent past, frameworks have gained widespread attention from software engineers. But do you know what exactly they do? If you are not familiar with what a framework is and the interesting facts associated with it, then read this article till the end. We have discussed whether frameworks are the new programming languages.

By reading this article, you will also come to understand the importance of frameworks in making work more straightforward. The implementation of frameworks is increasing day by day, helping most engineers tackle complex problems effortlessly. However, it has been observed that many people are not well aware of the difference between a framework and a programming language.

What Is Framework?

The framework itself is written in a specific programming language. It is a collection of tools used to perform a particular task, providing pre-written instructions that can expedite your programming tasks. Being written in a specific programming language, the framework enables you to build a useful application.

For example, you can consider Dotnet as a framework that is written in the C# programming language. In other words, these are lines of code that offer additional functionality to the user, making tasks easier and more effective.

Are Frameworks the New Programming Languages?

A lot about frameworks has been discussed above; probably, you now know what exactly a framework is and what it officially does. In the section below, you will learn about the facts that make it the new programming language of this generation.

1. One Should Know the Architecture, Not The Syntax.

As of now, most of the coding revolves around API calls, so it doesn’t make any sense to learn the syntax of any programming language. It is necessary to state here that you can consider becoming an expert in initializing static fields in Java.

However, it would be better to emphasize Java DB or some other set of codes. You can take your time to master yourself in Objective-C compilers. However, it cannot get better than emphasizing the ins and outs of the latest library. This will help you push harder with your coding and allow you to learn more about the framework rather than the syntax of the language.

2. It’s All About Algorithms.

If you are proficient in the programming language, you will face minimal issues in manipulating data in variables, but you may not get the most out of it. The dominating factor is the algorithm.

If you can get your algorithm correct, no one can stop you. It is reported that many programmers find it challenging to implement standard algorithms as well as data structures. You can certainly try and customize them to your needs, but you will risk making a subtle mistake.

When it comes to frameworks, they have been tested for quite some time by developers and are considered a collective investment in software infrastructure.

From here, we can conclude that focusing on the framework will be the right approach. If you know how to use them, you can make the best out of your task. However, using data structures might lead to a time-consuming situation, which could be a significant hassle if it becomes widespread.

3. The Concept of API Calls

If it were some years back, writing software required implementing all one’s programming language knowledge so that most of the code could be condensed. A lot of complexity was involved, given the presence of pointers and functions.

So, the usefulness of the code depended on doing the right thing. However, in the present situation, automation is replacing everything. Even if there is any error in your code, you do not have to worry, as the compiler will notify you about it.

The satisfaction of stripping out the dead code by the compiler cannot be expressed. For example, if you leave the pointers dangling, the garbage collector will figure it out. Moreover, coding practices are quite different now, as most of the code is based on a long line of API calls.


With the advancement of technology, everything is witnessing change and enhancing productivity. Most of the organization has focused on Framework rather than any programming language.

Hope by reading this article you got to know why Framework must not be neglected. And why it would be essential to learn the Framework in detail. If you think that we have missed out on any relevant facts about Framework then let us know in the comment section as we will be quick enough to find a solution to it. You can also read, Why Coding Skill is Important for the Future?

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