Best Programming Languages for AI Development

Best Programming Languages for AI Development

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the greatest invention of the tech world. You can now develop a machine that can think, analyze, and make decisions too. However such development completely relies on programming languages. So you need to know the programming languages for AI development.

For more proficiency in AI, you may need to learn new programming languages. However, learning a new programming language is always time-consuming. So you need to know which are the best programming languages for AI Development.

Best Programming Languages for AI Development

AI is not a recent invention, but the expansion in AI technology has been much in recent years. There is much to explore in AI technology. So to learn this complex technology, you have to the learn necessary programming languages.

So if you don’t know much about this field, you are at the right place. This section will discuss the best programming languages you should learn for Artificial Intelligence development. So here the list starts:

  1. Python – Best for AI
  2. Java – Best for developing search algorithms
  3. R Programming – Best for data processing and visualization
  4. Prolog –  Best for language processing applications
  5. C++ – Best for organizing data
  6. LISP – Best for list processing

1. Python

Python is on top of the list for artificial intelligence. The reason for such popularity is its easy syntax. The simple syntax made this language easy to learn. AI mainly deals with algorithms and lots of data.

In Python, many AI algorithms can be easily implemented. The development process is much easier compared to other languages. Python also comes with many libraries. These Python libraries are making data handling easier. Numpy, sympy, pymysql, are examples of such libraries involved in data handling.

2. Java

Java is another good language for AI. It is an Object-Oriented programming language. It comes with high-level features like inbuilt garbage collection that are much needed to work on AI.

When it comes to algorithms you can do a lot of things in JAVA. You can develop search algorithms, neutral algorithms, and much more. Java is incorporated with the Standard Widget Toolkit i.e. Swing and SWT. These toolkits help make graphics more appealing.

3. R Programming

R Programming plays an important role in data processing, visualization, and transformation. Hence becoming an effective language for learning AI. One can easily analyze and manipulate data and can produce quality plots, Even though you can use symbols and mathematical formulae anytime.

Along with that, this language comes with several packages like RODBC, Gmodels, and Tm. These packages help you to learn algorithms easily. Therefore, you can learn Artificial Intelligence more smoothly.

4. Prolog

Prolog is another much more appealing language to coders. This programming language is also useful for language processing applications, databases, and symbolic reasoning.

The programming framework mainly uses logic and semantic inference. Thus everything related to coding in Artificial intelligence is directed by facts and rules.

Prolog is also efficient in backtracking, tree-based data structuring, and pattern matching. However, the major drawback is that this programming language is relatively hard to learn.

5. C++

C++ plays an important role in algorithms and statistics. Thus helpful for learning artificial intelligence. The popularity of this language is due to its cost and time-saving features.

It responds much faster than other languages. Hence it helps in solving AI projects that are time-sensitive. C++ also supports object-oriented programming and helps organize data, which is necessary for AI.


LISP is another suitable language used for AI. It is an acronym mainly constructed from “list processing”. LISP has a unique macro system that implies intellectual intelligence more effectively. It is excellent for prototyping and creating new objects.

Another feature of LISP is that it doesn’t treat codes and data differently. But in recent times it has lost its popularity concerning other languages.


In today’s world, AI is used by different industries to satisfy their customers. Even the developer is eager to explore this field more to meet the necessities of human beings as well as companies.

In this current situation, the knowledge of the best programming languages for Artificial Intelligence can help you a lot. It can save you valuable time and clear out your doubts. I hope the above text will help you choose the programming language you need.

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