Different Types of Arduino Boards

Different Types of Arduino Boards

Arduino is an electronic and programmable circuit board prototype, used to build innovative electronic devices. It is very easy to use an electronic device for making both software and hardware-based devices. So, it has a wide range of models for designing every kind of electronic device.

Arduino is an electronic controlling tool to interact with systems. Arduino can read the inputs and give output according to the program. The controller took the input from the object sensors and light sensor and returned the desired output. With the help of an Arduino board, you can build your mini-project. In this article, we will discuss the different types of Arduino boards.

What is Arduino?

Arduino is controlling equipment and has a variety of microprocessors to build electronic devices. It converts the analog signal into digital and returns the digital output.

The Arduino is controlled by Arduino Language which is compiled by the Integrated Development Environment. This Arduino language is nothing but a C or C++ programming language which uses standard API.

Why Arduino?

First of all, using an Arduino microcontroller board is very easy. It is an open-source electronic microprocessor tool. The Arduino IDE is a cross-platform software which means it can run every operating system like Windows, Linux, etc.

You can connect it to your system with the USB cable and it is just a regular USB cable, not a specialized cable. Programming with Arduino is also very easy. The Arduino language is nothing but C and C++ programming. You can write it easily. You do not have to learn much to make a project.

The price of any Arduino board is affordable and pocket-friendly. So, students can easily afford it and create their school and college projects. Arduino is not only popular for mini-projects, but it is also used in large industries as well.

Some popular mini college and school projects are Home automation with Arduino, Arduino Walking Monster, Arduino Formula LED Race, Arduino Robotic Arm, etc. You can find a variety of Arduino boards on the market. But all of them consist of different features, components, and specifications. So, let’s find out some different types of Arduinos now.

Different Types of Arduino Boards

Here in this section, we are going to discuss the different types of Arduino boards. There are comprehensive collections of Arduinos in the market. But, here we are going to share the most popular Arduino boards:

1. Arduino UNO

Arduino UNO is mostly used on Arduino boards among all others. It has some interesting features that can help students to build their projects easily. It consists of an Atmega16U2 microcontroller, that has a maximum transfer rate and takes enough memory compared to other boards.

This Arduino board has 14 digital input and output pins of which 6 pins are for PWM and 6 pins are analog signals, the rest are USB input, reset button, and power jack.

2. Arduino Leonardo

This Arduino board uses the Atmega32u4 microcontroller with 20 I/O pins and 16 MHz frequency and acts as a crystal oscillator. It is used in a computer system as a mouse or keyboard because it has no additional USB port. It is the cheapest Arduino board on the market.

3. Arduino Mega

There are 54 pins of which 14 pins are used for PWM output, 16 input pins, and 4 hardware ports, with USB connection, ICSP header, reset pin, and a power jack port.

The microcontroller Atmega2560 consisting of 16Mhz frequency works as a crystal oscillator. It has a 265 KB flash memory size to store data and it can work fine with the battery as well.

4. Arduino Shields

The Arduino Shields are mainly used for getting an internet network connection and controlling LCDs and motors. It can also establish a connection with wireless communication.

It has Wireless Shields,  GSM shields, Ethernet shields, and Proto shields. This Arduino is placed on top of other Arduino devices to get a better connection.

5. Arduino Red Board

Arduino Red Board comes with a mini USB cable for storing program data and Arduino IDE helps to compile and run the program. It is very easy to integrate with other devices.

It consists of an FTDI chip and a USB chip to connect with different devices. This board is compatible with Windows 8 operating systems as well. The barrel jack of this board is used to control the USB cable.

6. LilyPad Arduino

This kind of Arduino is used for making e-textiles and wearable products. The Arduino has an Atmega328 microcontroller and Arduino bootloader in it. It comes with a round-designed water-resistant Arduino board that requires a 2V to 5V power supply to act.


There is a huge range of Arduino boards for every kind of purpose. So, if you are a student and looking for the best Arduino board, then you have to choose the perfect board for your selected project. Every Arduino board has different kinds of features, and specifications, and uses them for different requirements.

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