5 Facts About Data Science You Should Know

Facts About Data Science You Should Know

There are currently more than a billion devices connected to the internet. You will be astonished to know that these devices generate approximately 2.5 million terabytes of data every day. It is reported that by the end of 2024, there will be millions more devices connected to the internet. If you are a fresher or IT professional, this topic might interest you. We encourage you to read the article till the end and learn interesting facts about data scientists. Read this article carefully as it will provide you with valuable knowledge. If you want to know the application of Data science, you can follow the linked article.

Interesting Facts about Data Science

In this section, we will discuss interesting facts about Data Science that you should know if you are interested in the field. So, here we go:

1. Data Usage has Increased the Scope of Job Opportunities

The value of data usage has indeed widened the scope of job opportunities. However, as it is a relatively new field, many students are hesitant to take this course. While most universities and colleges are offering data science programs, the novelty of the course leaves students unsure about making it their primary subject. Moreover, in the market, data specialists are in high demand. This has led to a rise in the number of data science graduate programs offered by universities.

Listed below are some of the data science graduate programs that you can opt for:

  • MS in applied mathematics and statistics degree
  • MBA in analytics focus
  • MS in data science
  • MS degree in computer science

If you pursue any of these courses then you can fulfill the data science educational requirement and secure a job in this category. You can also go for a master’s degree in Data Science to secure a job in this field.

2. Big Data Will Give You Big Money

When you have completed a bachelor’s degree, master’s, and Ph.D. in big data science, you can ensure landing a job with an impressive salary. This is because there is a high demand in the market for data scientists, and they are offered an attractive salary to fill up the positions.

It is reported that for employees who have a Ph.D. in data science, their salary starts in six figures. A staff data scientist earns a basic salary of $120,000, while managers earn around $160,000.

3. You Will Find Data Everywhere

About 2.5 billion bytes of data are generated every day. It clearly states that 90% of this data has been generated in the past couple of years. There are many sources from which data is generated, including digital pictures and video posts, social media, and sensors required to collect climate information, as well as GPS signals from cell phones.

Some of the popular platforms from which heaps of data are generated every single day are Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc. Another platform that receives a huge amount of data is Google. It is estimated that more than 24 petabytes of data are generated every day.

4. Deep Learning is Not Necessary For 95% of the Task

You will spend a lot of time pursuing data science graduate programs; however, your work will be based on real-world scenarios. Most of your work will be technology-based, and only 5% of the job might require deep learning. Generally, you need to understand the problem and the problem domain here.

You will also understand that not all problems require complicated means to get solved. At times, you will realize that complex problems require simple model solution techniques. However, this does not ensure that you do not require complex solution needs.

5. Big Data is a Collection of Tools

There is a huge buzz around big data science, but people forget that it is just a tool rather than a collection of tools. These tools are designed to deal with a large volume of data. However, the interesting thing here is that these tools can handle a huge amount of data in a very short period.

Even though there is a smaller number of students passing into the big data field, this doesn’t mean that the level of competition is very low. This is because with the advancement of technology, there will be no room for small data, and big data will take its place.

Moreover, you should realize that there will be many tools that come and go in the current market conditions, but machine learning will remain persistent over the years.


I hope the above points are sufficient to support the 5 Interesting Facts about Data Science. If you have the desire to pursue this career, I would encourage you to participate in internships and undertake numerous project works. This will help boost your experience.

This is important because when you are hired by a company, they will prioritize real-world experience over academic qualifications. So, keep the above facts in mind if you have a burning desire to undertake this course and shape your future.

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