How to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer?

How to Become a Full-Stack Web Developer

Do you want to become a full-stack web developer? Are you facing problems in selecting the right Framework that could help you with web applications? When you are pursuing web development choosing the right Framework that would help you to boost your career is very important. However, in the beginning, you might not have the suitable knowledge to start with the right framework, programming language, etc and this is why we have prepared this topic so that you get to know about the best open-source framework and programming language that could skyrocket your web development career.

So read this post as you will get an overview of the technologies to consider for becoming a full-stack developer this year. Moreover going to the list will guide you to find a path in the web development jungle. Read the below sections very carefully and educate yourself about the various skills to chase in web development.

Foundation of Web Development

While chasing a career in the web application field, you must know the different languages that could add value to your future. Read the below section to know more about it.

1. HTML and CSS

HTML and CSS are not Frameworks, rather they are essential to learning for website development. To be excellent in development, you must be very good at both of these items. They are known to be the basis of everything. HTML is used to define the structure of the website. On the other hand, CSS or cascading style sheet defines the font, and color layout of your website.

The first step is to learn HTML, and once you master this language, you should move on to CSS. Remember that these are the two most important things for any web developer.

2. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that adds dynamic features to your website. It is derived from ECMA script specification. Learning JavaScript from scratch will assure you a promising career in the web development field.

There are many frameworks like angular JS and react JS that are based on the prerequisite of JavaScript. So if you wish to learn Angular JS, Node JS, and React JS, make sure you have good knowledge of JavaScript programming language. Without knowing the basics of JavaScript, you will face a lot of difficulty in learning the various frameworks.

JavaScript is an easy language to learn. However, there are a lot of things that you will get to know with time. A lot of advanced features are added to this language which requires rigorous practice and time from your side to master this language. The basics of JavaScript will not trouble you. In the recent past, a lot of features like shared memory, and atomic operation have been added to this language.

The features discussed above are quite advanced, and if you are overwhelmed to read this, then you should start from the basics. Many online platforms teach JavaScript from scratch, you can enroll there and learn JavaScript from the beginning. Make sure you have enough knowledge about this programming language else it will create a lot of trouble in your web development field.

3. Typescript

The recent hype in the Angular Framework has driven the craze for Typescript as well. So if you wish to learn Angular then make sure you take a look at Typescript as well.

Typescript and JavaScript are used simultaneously in web development, and when you focus on learning JavaScript do not ignore this language as both these languages are used to enable different kinds of features in web development. When you work with an editor such as Visual Studio Code, you will experience a fabulous experience with the typescript programming language.

4. Python

There is no doubt about the popularity of the Python programming language and is one of the most demanding programming languages. If you have not focused on this programming language, then this is the perfect time to get your hands on it. Learning this programming language will help you to cover a wide range of use cases.

You can deploy several features like GUI applications, web applications, and command-line scripts while learning this programming language. Moreover, python is driving scientific computing. Make sure you learn the programming language frameworks such as Django and Flask. Do not limit yourself to only learning a Python programming language.

Front-End Frameworks That You Should Focus On Learning?

Now that you have known about the foundation and the different kinds of programming language to master web development we will now discuss the front-end Framework that you should focus on having a promising career in the web development field.

1. Vue

Vue is one of the most popular web development frameworks that has gotten wide appreciation in 2019. The front-end Framework is straightforward to learn, and it helps in dealing with small-size projects.

Once you get your hands on this Framework you will see quick results. It has been reported that companies are looking to add Vue JS to the stacks and the Framework has experienced exponential growth since the past year.

2. React

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries that help in building a user interface. Learning the React framework can create interactive user interfaces. The component-based Framework helps in building a powerful single-page application. If you do not know React Framework then make sure you add this to your skillset.

Learning this open-source front-end framework will be of great worth. However, once you have finished mastering the art of React, you can focus on Redux, this will help you to build a complex web application.

3. Angular

Angular is another popular front-end framework that helps in building client applications. To work on the Framework, you must have basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript. To combat the development challenges, the Framework implements integrated best practices, end-to-end tooling, and dependency injection.

Last year Angular was one of the most popular frameworks used for making single-page applications. Recently a lot of new features have been added to the Framework which has helped it to garner the attention of many developers.

4. Svelte

Learning a Svelte framework will provide a new approach to JavaScript-based web development. The front-end framework deals with the compiler steps at the development time. Hence there is no necessity to deliver Framework code to the client. Instead, the Framework can generate highly optimized JavaScript code that the browser can interpret. There is no question of additional loading libraries for the functioning of the web application.

Knowing About Server-Side Rendering

When you have to work on web development, server-side rendering is one of the most important topics that you should focus on. Server-side rendering is the process of preparing and providing the outcome of the webpage on the server and coming up with the result for the browser.

1. Server-Side Rendering

It significantly reduces the effort required on the client side and makes the web application faster. The combination of React or Vue comes into play in server-side rendering.

2. Next JS

One of the most popular Frameworks for server-side rendering is the Next JS. The Framework is based on React and JavaScript and is used for a company that deals with cloud computing projects.

The Framework is very modern, and a lot of features are enabled. Some of the popular features are server-rendered, automatic code-splitting, and webpack.

3. Nuxt JS

Nuxt.js is another popular server-side rendering framework and static site generator. The open-source framework is based on Vue.js. There are several build options: building standard SPAs, generating static web pages, and building a server for a single-page application.

Back-End Frameworks to Know

Now that you have known about a programming language and front-end Framework required for web development, We are going to discuss the backend framework. While choosing the backend Framework, we will come across multiple options.

However, the two most popular backend Frameworks are Django and Node JS. As you already know, the backend is those Frameworks that run on the backend that is the server. The backend framework generates HTML, JSON, etc.

However, if you have set your mind to work on the front-end Framework, then there is no need to add a backend framework to your skillset. But for your understanding, you must consider at least one to know the basics of the framework.

1. Node JS

The popular JavaScript framework helps you to run code at the backend. However, when you start with Node.js you must ensure that you have good knowledge in JavaScript programming language. So if you do not have the necessary knowledge about JavaScript programming language, then you will face difficulty in developing a concept of node.js quickly.

2. Django

Django is a popular Framework based on the Python programming language. Before starting with this Framework you must ensure that you have basic skills in Python programming language.

Learning Django will help you to solve a wide range of use cases. Make sure you have a good understanding of Python programming language, this will help you in the learning process of the Framework, and you will learn it very quickly.


There is no doubt in the fact that development skills are in high demand in the present situation. If you are facing difficulties in starting this career, then you must take your time to choose the right programming language and Framework.

Web development is one of the most exciting jobs where you can learn a lot of skills. However, if you have experience in the web development field, you must look to add a skill set. You should update yourself with the technologies and Framework.

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