Interesting Things About Java Programming Language

Interesting Things About Java Programming Language

If there is any long-lasting programming language in the IT industry, then Java will occupy the first space. Java is immensely popular, and there are many good reasons to support it. Moreover, it is recognized as the go-to language for many developers. So, you should know interesting things about the Java programming language.

Very few people know that this robust programming language initially emerged as a juggernaut because it sports unique portability, functioning on any hardware. In 1995, Java was first released, and since then, it has been gaining popularity.

Top 5 Interesting Things about Java

Being a developer, you might know a lot about coding in the Java programming language, but if you are interested in learning some fantastic facts, please read this blog until the end.

Here, you will find many facts about Java that you might not have come across previously.

1. Java was Initially Named Oak

We are familiar with the Java programming language, but did you know that its first name was Oak? However, Sun’s Marketing Department took the initiative to change the name of the Oak programming language to Java.

This change occurred because the name Oak was already registered with some computer company, prompting the decision to rename it Java.

2. Java Programming Language Came As an Accident

There is no denying the fact that Java has brought a revolution to the IT industry by simplifying coding. However, Java came about as an accident by James Gosling.

While working at the Sun Laboratory in 1992, Gosling and his team members were building a set-top box. They aimed to replace the C++ programming language, and that marked the debut of Java.

3. If you Learn Java, You Will Be Paid

This statement might amaze you, but it is true. You can earn a substantial income if you have good knowledge of the Java programming language.

Reports claim that the median salary of Java developers varies from $80,000 to $200,000. With over 9 million Java developers worldwide, this is one of the interesting aspects of the Java programming language.

4. Java is one of the Most Popular Programming Languages

You might be wondering why Java is not the most popular programming language, right? Well, since C was introduced before Java, C has taken the first position.

However, Java is only second to C in terms of popularity and is the second most popular programming language. In the present scenario, Java has a significant impact on the industry compared to C.

5. The User Interface is Often Appreciated

Java is known for its popular user interface, often appreciated by developers. There are more than 3 billion mobile phones based on Java, and more than 120 million TV sets are working with Java.

According to the opinion of software developers, Java is consistently ranked first, making it the preferred choice for programming languages.


By reading this article, you should now know interesting facts about Java. Many Java developers are proficient in their programming skills but may not be aware of these facts, making this information interesting to read.

If you encounter any issues or want more sections to be covered, please let us know in the comment section. We will try to address your questions to ensure you have a clear understanding of the interesting aspects of the Java programming language.

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