Is Downloading Torrent Files Legal or Illegal?

Is Downloading Torrent Files Legal or Illegal

When you try to download any movies or files on the internet, you have most probably come across the term “torrent.” When you hear this word, the first thing that comes to mind is; Is Downloading Torrent Legal or Illegal? Is it Safe to Download Torrents?

Downloading Torrent files is not illegal, however, downloading unsanctioned copyrighted material is. We will discuss; what a torrent is and whether it is legal or not. And how does it work?

What is a Torrent?

Torrents are a method of distributing files over the internet. Torrenting is downloading and uploading files through the BitTorrent network protocol to facilitate.

Instead of downloading files to a central server, torrenting involves downloading files from other users’ devices on the torrent network. Conversely, users upload files from their own devices for another user to download. What’s called peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing? 

Because it is used to transfer things that are copyright-protected, such as movies, games, music, and software, torrenting is frequently linked to piracy.

But torrenting also serves many helpful purposes, such as distributing the hosting load among users to lighten the burden on centralized servers.

Is Downloading Torrent Files Legal or Illegal?

If any content is copyrighted and we do not own it downloading those files is illegal. Here, torrent is helping us to download copyrighted content for free with its available software.

Say, for example, if a movie is copyrighted, you do not have any power to download the film to your system. The same thing goes for music, games, and other content. So, if you use it to download unsanctioned copyrighted material, then torrenting is illegal.

If the owner of the movies, games, and music decides to make them available to everyone for free, then downloading them is not at all illegal. However, whether it is legal or illegal differs from case to case.

Knowing about copyright

Whenever any individual or organization creates something, a copyright is registered against them. The copyright can be for a lifetime or a certain number of years. However, it is to be kept in mind that downloading every file from a torrent will not lead you to follow copyright law.

If you take the example of downloading Linux distributions from torrents, you do not have any trouble downloading them as they are open source. However, when it comes to downloading any copyrighted music or movies, you need to worry as you are breaking the law.

How Torrent Protocol Works

Most people think that when they download from torrents they are kept anonymous to the network. However, from my own experience, I can state that the answer is simply the opposite.

To dig deep into this topic, you must know the primary thing about how the torrent protocol works. It is a fact that you are not downloading the software from any particular website or any specific source. You are downloading it from a torrent network with P2P file sharing. You are likely to have a certain level of privacy.

When you click on download on torrent websites, you are downloading some fraction of files from a group of people.

Is it Safe to Download Torrents?

Even though most people think that downloading files from torrents will never harm them, it is wrong. There are copyright agents continually eyeing torrent networks to get additional information about sites such as torrent files and IP addresses.

However, the number of people who are a victim of this crime is much less. But for safety purposes, you must stay away from contributing to the torrent world. The best way to keep you away from the role in the community is by disabling the seeding option in torrent software. It restricts your PC from uploading files to the network.

If some user has a virus or malware on their system, there is a high chance of getting it into your system due to its P2P file-sharing network.


It’s up to you; how you use Torrent. When you use it to download free content from the internet, then it is legal. However, if you download copyrighted content, then it is illegal. 

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