Top 10 Creators of Popular Programming Languages

Top 10 Creators of Popular Programming Languages

You have heard about many programming languages, but have you thought about the creators who developed them? Today, in this article, you are going to discover just that. Here, we are going to discuss the Top 10 Creators of Popular Programming Languages.

We often value the creation, not the creator. Unless the creator is a celebrity, how many times do we truly appreciate the genius mind behind it? Here is one example: we all know Microsoft created Windows. But do we all know who the mastermind behind the most popular operating system of all time was? Never mind; let us focus on the point here.

Creators of Popular Programming Languages

Here’s a list of some notable creators of popular programming languages:

1. Java – James Gosling

We all love Java! Canadian computer scientist James Arthur Gosling is the genius mind behind creating Java. He was born on May 19, 1955. He published several books before designing the masterpiece – Java.

Java is the most popular object-oriented programming language that changed the IT industry forever. Even today, after two decades, we love to learn and create new projects with Java.

2. C – Dennis Ritchie

Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie was primarily an American computer science expert. He was born on September 9, 1941, and his greatest achievement was creating the programming language C. Alongside his close friend and colleague Ken Thompson, he received the Turing Award from the ACM in the year 1983.

Dennis Ritchie was a Harvard graduate and won several prestigious awards in his life. He died in 2011, leaving us the gift of the prolific C programming language.

3. Python – Guido van Rossum

Guido van Rossum is a Dutch computer programmer who is world-famous for creating Python, a top-notch programming language. The Dutchman was born on 31 January 1956 and completed his graduation from the University of Amsterdam in the year 1982.

The reason Python is praised so highly is the fact that it is well-suited for AI (Artificial Intelligence). So, we should appreciate what Mr. Rossum managed to envision 30 years before we did.

4. PHP – Rasmus Lerdorf

It is safe to say that without Rasmus Lerdorf, we would not have witnessed the emergence of the web development industry as it is now. Mr. Lerdorf is a Danish-Canadian programmer who built PHP, a web development language. He was born on 22 November 1968 and completed his graduation from the University of Waterloo, Canada.

Rasmus Lerdorf created PHP in 1994, and we witnessed the era of web development. Today, PHP remains one of the best languages to learn even after 25 years since its first release.

5. Ruby – Yukihiro Matsumoto

Here is a Japanese programmer born on 14 April 1965. Yukihiro Matsumoto is a computer programmer famous for creating Ruby, one of the most straightforward programming languages ever made. Graduating from the University of Tsukuba, we can argue that he has one of the brightest minds in the world.

Yukihiro Matsumoto built Ruby in 1995, and even after 24 years, it has managed to remain one of the best programming languages in the world. So, the credit still goes to him.

6. JavaScript – Brendan Eich

We all know JavaScript is the heart and soul of front-end web development. Now, if you are curious to know who created that, we will reveal that to you. Brendan Eich, who is an American technologist, created JavaScript back in the year 1995. He was born on July 4th, 1961, and graduated from Santa Clara University.

Now, Eich is the CEO of an Internet security company named Brave Software. However, his biggest achievement to date is the invention of JavaScript.

7. C++ – Bjarne Stroustrup

If you ever wonder who gave birth to C++, it would be Bjarne Stroustrup. He was a Danish Computer Scientist, who was born on 30 December 1950. About Stroustrup; he has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cambridge University, and there are countless books and references that he has published over the years.

But, the most significant achievement of Bjarne Stroustrup will always be the introduction of C++, which after 34 years has the same effect on us.

8. Scale – Martin Odersky

For those who didn’t know Scala; it is a seamless computer language which has made its mark in the year 2004. However, this article is not about the language; instead, it is about the creator – Martin Odersky. Born on 5 September 1958, this German Computer Scientist is many things.

Martin Odersky has a Ph.D. from ETH Zurich and author of various books & references about programming. Meanwhile, Scala is his greatest invention, as it is a computer language for the future.

9. Swift – Chris Lattner

For those who are unaware of Swift; it is a dedicated programming language for Apple users. Chris Lattner is one of the leading designers who built this fantastic language. Lattner is a Software Engineer who was born in 1978 and graduated from the University of Portland.

Chris Lattner had worked in big brands like Tesla and Apple before he settled down to Google Brain. Now, we still consider working in Swift is his greatest work to date.

10. GO – Rob C. Pike

GO is a programming language developed by Google, and Rob C. Pike is one of its co-creators. Pike is a Canadian programmer born in the year 1956. He is also a renowned author who has written some of the most important reference books in the IT industry.

However, as of now, his pinnacle of achievement is the contributions he has made to GO, which will most probably be a game-changer shortly, according to experts.


Here it is—the Top 10 Creators of Popular Programming Languages. Please note that all these genius minds are greats of their own time. It would be unwise to assess their credibility based on today’s technology.

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