Why is Cloud Computing so Popular?

Why is Cloud Computing so Popular

In the world of computers, one question always comes to mind – Why is Cloud Computing popular these days? There may be a lot of reasons behind this. One of the most important parameters that make this technology more significant for all of us is its feature of mobility. The remote use or mobility feature makes cloud computing the best-ever technology.

With the help of cloud computing, we can browse many important files and data remotely. Whether you are sitting at home or on vacation, you can check your company’s data saved on its servers with the help of cloud computing. Not only this, but you can also make changes to it.

Cloud Computing and Physical Server System

The most significant reason behind the popularity of cloud computing is its stringent security. The data saved on a cloud server is safe from physical damage. However, there can be other risks associated with cloud servers.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about physical damages that may occur to physical servers, such as electrical short circuits, fire cases, and all other natural disasters when utilizing cloud computing. With cloud computing, your data is always safe.

Cloud computing is much cheaper than physical server-based computing. That is why, nowadays, cloud computing is being preferred by several companies. Cloud computing is indeed somewhat related to physical servers.

However, the amalgamation of cloud computing and physical servers is much more affordable and easy to use for a beginner-level user. Most small businesses are using cloud computing due to its safety, cost-friendly nature, and other effective features.

Why is Cloud Computing so Popular?

Below are some reasons why cloud computing is becoming so popular these days:

1. No Limitations

There are no strict limitations in cloud computing. You can purchase a certain amount of space on large shared servers. However, if you find that the server space is not sufficient after some time, you need to switch to more space on the server.

To do so, you have to pay for the next slot of space that you are going to purchase. There is no need for extra expenses as there would be in the case of physical server-based computing.

2. Cost-Effective

Cloud Computing is cost-effective compared to other technologies out there in the market. Cost matters a lot when you are going to buy server space for your small business.

Small businesses or startups always have a low budget, so these businesses always look for cost-effective technologies. That is why cloud computing is becoming increasingly famous among them.

3. Risk-Free Computing

Cloud computing is risk-free computing. There is no risk associated with the data stored on the cloud servers. Nowadays, many technologies are used to secure your important data. Yes, there are many hackers as well, who always look for cracking such security measures of the cloud servers.

But most of the time, these technologies prevail over the risks and attacks associated with hackers. Cloud computing is secure enough. It is highly safe and secure compared to physical server-based computing.


The above-mentioned factors are the reasons for the increasing popularity of cloud computing. You have seen that security, cost, and various other factors are there that make cloud computing important.

Additionally, the competition among the service providers facilitating this technology is also a reason behind the popularity of cloud computing. All the service providers are offering cloud services most competitively and effectively.

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