Why is JavaScript So Popular in Web Development?

JavaScript is Popular for Web Development

JavaScript, also known as JS, is a scripting language or programming language that allows the user to include complicated features on web pages. It follows the ECMAScript specifications. This language, along with the other two layers of web technologies, HTML and CSS, is responsible for animated 2D/3D graphics, display of content updates, scrolling videos, maps, etc.

JavaScript has the feature of creating and manipulating the dynamics of websites. That is, it can move, refresh, and change necessary things like completed text suggestions, 2D/3D graphics, interactive forms, slideshows, etc., without any manual reloading of the web page. It also has lots of user-friendly features, making it the foremost option to work with. There are some specific reasons for its usage in web development.

JavaScript is a Highly Used Language for Web Development

JavaScript is one of the major programming languages in the technical world, used extensively in various places. It is primarily used for web development because it can perform a lot of analysis very quickly, making it the most popular technology.

It is a programming language that has a good number of opened pull requests, indicating the amount of code written. This scripting language can add creative interactivity to websites, making it lovable for every techie. It can also develop games that can be played directly from the user’s web browsers.

Selectively Adept in Web Development

When the subject is the web, this language always dominates other technologies for web development. It has the specialty of ubiquity. Node.js is one of the best JavaScript paradigms.

The JavaScript framework of Node.js amalgamates web application development into a single programming language. Thus, it does not depend on any other language to create server-side code.

That is why it is much more skilled in web development than other technologies. The package manager of Node.js is the largest network of open-source libraries in the tech world. So, shifting the server-side codes of individual companies makes their websites run much faster than in the previous state.

JavaScript Facilitates Cross-platform Web Development in Mobile

React Native is another mind-blowing feature of JavaScript. It allows the JavaScript code library to be active, and it is the reason behind JavaScript’s popularity in the mobile web development industry. It made possible the creation of cross-platform mobile applications with the help of React and JavaScript.

This process saves time, curtails possible human and financial resources, and makes the transition from web to mobile development smoother. It also has another plus point, which is its native nature. The looks and writing of JavaScript make users feel like the app is written in a native language.

Attune Cross-Browser and Streamline Complex Web Developments

JavaScript is a very easy-to-use language and is compatible with many browsers like Google Chrome, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc. As a result, users can use their preferred browsers adeptly. If JavaScript is turned off, one can turn it on and experience the site’s performance.

Despite being a transcribed language, it still solves various complex web development problems. It allows developers to delve into the problem and simplify complexities by uprooting the issues. DOM boundaries are also permitted through JavaScript libraries, which provide extensively used HTML tags like input, div, select, etc.

JavaScript Can Create Amenable Web Designs

Responsive web design means the design that enables a website to run smoothly on any device and in any browser. So every website developer uses JavaScript for developing responsive web designs.

Through such web designs, any website can be accessible and work well on devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, etc., and in browsers like Google Chrome, Yahoo, Internet Explorer, etc.

Apart from that, the web designs created with the help of JavaScript allow developers to optimize the sites for mobiles and computers. But along with this language, HTML and CSS also find their uses in web designing. For mobile devices, JavaScript is enough.

User-Friendly Nature While Coding

It is not that JavaScript became the best programming language for web development like a flash in the pan. It underwent a lot of modifications to create a user-interactive and user-friendly interface.

Today, JavaScript coding is a much easier interface to work with. Users can write JavaScript codes easily without using any specific tool or programming language.

It allows users to write JavaScript codes in Notepad and also allows many editors to check the codes. One can also reformat it and permits to find the bugs and errors as fast as possible. So it is also considered one of the fastest-running programming languages.

Furnished with Abundant Libraries and Frameworks

One of the eminent features of this scripting language, which makes it the most desirable scripting language, is the extensive collection of frameworks and libraries. JavaScript frameworks and libraries enable web developers to create large JavaScript-based web applications.

Some of the most used frameworks of this scripting language are AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS, etc. Using these frameworks, developers can develop an efficient, interactive, and professional outlook for web applications very quickly.

Apart from that, in the libraries of JavaScript, there are widgets like Bootstrap, jQuery, AngularJS, which can be used according to the requirements. Web development depends a lot on these frameworks and libraries of JavaScript.

Achieved Lots of Web Developing Supporters

It has garnered lots of supporters and influencers due to its unique features. Its high usage and implementation by many giant industries make it very popular in the web designing world.

Nowadays, giants like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc., are using JavaScript because it can handle numerous problems and solve a maximum number of tasks at a stretch.

Equipped with a unique nature, its libraries and frameworks give this language the strength to develop the web. So, essentially, some big institutions followed the path of this language, which prompted them to transform their technology into JavaScript. This change brings about a significant transformation and makes it popular all over the world.


As long as JavaScript prevails in every monitor of web developers, the best web applications will likely be created. Establishing a huge supporter base, it is prowling over other languages and maintains its legacy of being the best programming language for web development.

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