8 Best Online Courses for Data Science

Best Online Courses for Data Science

Data Science is the most desired job these days, and it increases the value of courses for data science as well. If we talk about the best online courses for data science, there are a lot of options available online. You can choose any of the available courses, and it will serve as the gateway for you to reach a position as a data scientist.

Before discussing the available courses, let’s talk about the importance and demand of the data science stream in the information technology sector. Information technology-based projects deal with data. To handle a large amount of data, companies require data scientists. Here, we are listing some of the top and best courses for data science.

Top Online Courses for Data Science

It is obvious that data science is a field related to information technology, and you understand how information technology is developing and how it is changing human life. That is why the demand for data scientists is increasing. Below, we have listed the best courses for Data Science:

1. Introduction to Data Science Specialization – Coursera

The Introduction to Data Science Specialization course is available on Coursera in collaboration with IBM. This course focuses more on developing foundational skills in Data Science. If you prefer practical learning, you can consider this course as the best option for Data Science.

It is a four-week-long course, which you can complete in a short period. You will find this course to be highly practical, making it suitable for those who enjoy learning through hands-on experience.

2. Nanodegree Program – Become a Data Scientist – Udacity

When we discuss online courses, it’s impossible not to mention Udacity because it’s synonymous with online learning. You will find that it is the best learning platform. Specifically, for Data Science, Udacity offers a course called the Nanodegree Program – Become a Data Scientist.

This course serves as the foundational training for aspiring data scientists. Over the course of four months, you will receive industry-relevant content. With the courses provided by Udacity, you can become a Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist.

In this course, you will learn programming for Data Science using Python, how to build models, deploy solutions to the cloud, and gain knowledge of Data Science algorithms and structures.

3. Data Science Essentials Course – EDX

What if you had the chance to learn data science from Microsoft? Yes, we all know that in the computer world, Microsoft is a trustworthy and well-known name. You may think that since Microsoft is providing this course, it must be the best option for learning Data Science.

And you’re right; this course is indeed the best because it is part of Microsoft’s Program Certificate in Data Science. They offer these short Data Science Essentials Courses through edX for students.

The course has a duration of 6 weeks. In this Data Science Essentials Course, you will explore data visualizations, data ingestion, cleansing, and transformation, among other topics.

4. Become A Data Scientist – Dataquest

Dataquest is not affiliated with any universities, but it provides the best course for data science. Their course not being affiliated with any university doesn’t mean this platform is not legitimate, as they are a well-known course provider.

Dataquest has collaborations with some of the top companies such as Amazon, Spotify, Uber, etc. You can rely on their Data Scientist in Python course. Through this course, you can become a data scientist, data analyst, and also a data engineer.

This course provides you with real-time coding. You can read about some codes and then practically implement those codes in your practice.

5. Introduction To Data Science – Cognitive Class

Whether it’s Big Data University or Cognitive Class, this platform is operated by IBM, the giant of the computer sector. Learning data science from IBM is exciting for those who want to build a career in the computer science sector. If you are interested as well, then you are in the right place.

IBM provides this amazing course through its online learning platform called Big Data University. Nowadays, they have rebranded their university as Cognitive Class. The Introduction To Data Science course is very productive and concise.

If you are willing to complete a data science course in 20 hours or less, then this one is the best course for you. This course will help you understand various modules, such as Scala Programming, Big Data Fundamentals, Spark Fundamentals, etc. Additionally, you will learn Hadoop programming in this course.

6. Data Mining Course – KD Nuggets

KD Nuggets is among the top online learning platforms. Here, you will find a lot of online courses, but the best course that they provide is the Data Mining Course. If you go through this Data Mining course,

you will find that it is an amazing course that will help you learn this complex stream through simple, practical techniques. So, by going through the data mining course of KD Nuggets, you will find that this course is very productive.

In this course, you will have data workshops. They focus more on data visualization, data analysis, and data exploration.

7. Introduction to Data Science – Metis

Metis provides a course named Introduction to Data Science. This is a fundamental course by Metis, which is very significant if you want to learn Data Science from professionals. Yes, they provide learning of Data Science through live video conferencing.

The best thing is that in the live video conferencing sessions, you will not be taught by any professor. Instead of a professor, you will be taught by a data scientist from one of the top companies in the world. The best thing about this course offered by Metis is that it is available live.

In this course, you will cover data aggregation, acquisition, cleaning, exploratory data analysis, and visualization. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about feature engineering, model creation, and validation.

8. Open Source Learning

What if you don’t want to rely on any organization or online learning? If you prefer this approach without enrolling in any courses offered by organizations, then you can opt for open-source learning.

This method isn’t easy for everyone because you have to find the material and guidance on your own. Additionally, if you want to practice your skills, you’ll have to find suitable platforms once again.

However, it’s not that difficult these days to find study materials or open-source technologies to enhance your skills. You can discover numerous open-source materials online to become a data scientist in less time.


There are numerous courses available from various online learning platforms. You can choose one according to your requirements. Some of them are live time-bound courses, while others are offline mode-based courses. Some courses are highly paid, while others are still free of cost.

You can observe that there are many online courses for data science available from the top companies in this field. Besides the various courses, you can still find the best open-source learning method for you.

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