Top 6 Hardest Subjects in Computer Science

Hardest Subjects in Computer Science

Computers are an essential element of today’s living. In every field computer is necessary. From entertainment to forensics, study to office work having basic computer knowledge is necessary nowadays.

Computer science is a large field and it has several subdivisions. Here, we’ll discuss computer science and its various aspects and the toughest subjects in computer science. If you want to pursue a career in Computer Science, then you should also check the most common myths about computer science debunked.

What is Computer Science?

But first, we need to know: What is Computer Science? Computer science covers the combination of algorithms, computation, and information, along with their practical implementation. Computer science is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical knowledge. Both hardware and software are used for processing information.

Theoretical computer science includes the theory of computation, information and coding theory, data structures and algorithms, programming language theory, and formal methods. Moreover, computer systems and computational processes encompass artificial intelligence, computer architecture and organization, concurrent and parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, computer security and cryptography, databases and data mining, computer graphics and visualization, and image and sound processing.

Applied computer science includes computational science in finance and engineering, social computing and human-computer interaction, and software engineering.

Top 6 Hardest Subjects In Computer Science

Here in this section, we’ll discuss the top 6 hardest subjects in computer science. If you want to know the importance of mathematics in computer science, then you can follow the linked guide.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Firstly, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most difficult subjects in the Computer science field. Programming an intelligent machine that can think and act as a real human is studied in this subject.

These machines need to learn how to solve problems by themselves with the help of thinking ability, early, and ac endangers accordingly. Putting all these characteristics into a machine is not simple work.

Science is evolving day by day as well as technology. So being up to date is also challenging in this field. If you belong in this field, you have to update your skills and knowledge regularly. Thus, this is a very demanding field.

2. Microprocessors

Microprocessors are another tough field in computer science. In this subject, you have to study logic chips also known as microprocessors. Microprocessors are the functional processing units.

Arithmetic and logical works take place in computers through microprocessors.

Different systems contain different types of microprocessors and the circuits are different as well. So the students have to know the technical, mathematical, works, and logical fundamentals in this field.

3. Theory of Computation

In this subject, students have to learn the way to solve problems using computers, understanding their capabilities and limitations. This theory is divided into three basic sections: Computability, Automata, and Complexity theory.

By studying this subject, one may understand the problem-solving process with a computer. Students have to learn about different model-solving techniques.

4. Advanced Database System

We all know what a database is and how it works. A fundamental database is a basic database. But in this field, students have to cover the fundamental database knowledge as well as its advanced and sophisticated version.

In a complex application, an advanced database system is used for covering the basic fundamental database.

5. Compiler Design

Computers have their language known as binary language. When we input something into other languages, it translates the language into its machine language.

The process of translating and optimizing is studied in this field. These students have to learn about detecting errors also. So, having good coding skills is essential in this field.

6. Image Processing and Computer Vision

Image processing and computer vision are slightly related but different from each other at the same time. It is mostly a mathematical function and transformation of an image using some effects like smoothing, contrasting, sharpening, etc.

On the other hand, Computer vision acts like human vision. It works on the patterns of an image. Human eyes can distinguish between how far or near an object is by calculating its size and color intensity. Computer vision exactly acts like this by calculating these factors of an image.


All these six fields are hard in Computer Science but the experts from these fields are high in demand. So, if you love machines and computers just go for it. However, if you want to pursue a career in computer science then you have to have a good understanding of Linux as it is the best operating system for computer science students.

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