Top 9 Affordable or Free Coding Resources for Aspiring Programmers

Free Coding Resources

The advancement of modern science has brought a new age of technology and digitalization. People are no longer confined to the boundaries of a normal livelihood. Moreover, knowing about computers has become basic knowledge that every job aspirant should possess. The corporate world nowadays operates on the internet, computer devices, and smart devices, which has increased the demand for technologically sound minds. Therefore, being labeled as a geek for understanding the intricacies of computers and coding is now a thing of the past.

Furthermore, with the craze of coding engulfing the whole world, enrolling in a costly course for learning programming is no longer relevant. Enthusiasts can now quickly learn to code from online sources. However, various websites charge very low fees for teaching coding, with some exceptional portals providing these lessons for free. Thus, here we are going to discuss the best free coding resources.

Top 9 Affordable or Free Coding Resources

Let’s explore some of the best websites that offer low-cost or free coding courses.

1. Free Code Camp

Being a community of developers, Free Code Camp allows new programmers to socialize with other programmers and experts, who then work together to enhance their coding skills.

As a non-profit platform, this portal allows coders to create their own applications that will be non-profitable. Some of the most popular topics included in the Free Code Camp community are JavaScript, D3.js, React.js, CSS3, Node.js, and HTML5.

2. Khan Academy

With its innovative teaching concepts aimed at bringing out the inner developers in students, Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan back in 2006. As one of the most popular free learning platforms today, students on this portal are mentored by professionals.

With numerous video tutorials and foundational courses available, the languages primarily taught at Khan Academy include CSS, Database, JavaScript, Processing JS, and HTML.

3. Codeacademy

One of the most popular free coding learning portals in the world is Codecademy. They have already effectively served more than 45 million people. With a wide range of courses available, this website offers both introductory as well as advanced teaching materials.

The platform contains free coding content worth 300 million hours that can turn any newcomer into an expert in computer coding. Although there are several courses available for students to choose from, the most famous language courses on Codecademy are those of JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and PHP.

4. Udemy

Serving interested people since its inception in 2012, Udemy has built a good reputation. While there are some paid courses, there is also numerous free content that can quickly satisfy the thirst for knowledge. The lessons are imparted to the students through video tutorials.

Udemy is known for its wide-ranging development courses such as creating eCommerce websites, game development, mobile app development, web development, and other important languages like Django, HTML, and CSS.

5. Coursera

With 119 institutions included under Coursera, this portal provides over 1000 courses for students to choose from. Since its inception in 2012, this website has allowed students to receive a professional learning experience through its low-cost classes from famous universities like Stanford, The University of Washington, The University of Toronto, and Vanderbilt.

These paid courses provide a student certificate, while the free courses are not eligible for certification. The courses available here include C, HTML, CSS, Python, and Java, among many others.

6. edX

Created as a joint initiative by two of the world’s topmost universities – MIT and Harvard University, edX was founded in 2012 as a center for providing innovative and cutting-edge technologies to students and interested individuals.

An open-source learning platform, edX currently hosts 53 schools. Enlightening more than 5 million students at the moment, this website offers excellent language tutorials for Java, HTML, CSS, C++, C#, SQL, Python, and jQuery, among many others.

7. Plural Sight

What makes Pluralsight an innovative teaching website is its unique approach to familiarizing students with coding. Formerly known as Code School, the courses offered by Pluralsight consist of both paid and free lessons.

The learning process is straightforward for learners on this site. For practice sessions, students have to start coding in their browser window.

Clearing each course guarantees points to the students, which they can use to earn badges and track their own progress. The methods available on Pluralsight include Ruby, PHP, Elixir, iOS, HTML, CSS, and Python.

8. MIT Open Courseware

Although not purely focused on coding, MIT OpenCourseWare is much like a virtual university, allowing students to enroll in available MIT courses online.

This portal is ideal for people who have already become familiar with the basics of coding and are now seeking deeper knowledge. They can enroll themselves in courses available under Computer Science and delve deeper into subjects like Python, MATLAB, C, Java, and C++.

9. Code Avengers

Finally, this is a platform that offers a coding experience to people of every age group, whether they are children between 5 to 14 years old, individuals hoping to enter the coding sector professionally, or programmers above 15 years of age. The courses available on Code Avengers are all limited to 12 hours, which can be useful for developing applications, games, and websites.

Moreover, a programmer’s community is also available on Code Avengers to assist students with their queries. Although not a free website, there is an option for a free 7-day trial to help students decide its effectiveness. Some of the languages taught in the courses include JavaScript, CSS, HTML, Python, and jQuery.


Coding and programming are the most sought-after skills nowadays. Moreover, multinational companies and big enterprises are always looking for talented and skilled individuals. Therefore, these websites are some of the best for learning.

While some of these portals charge for most of their courses, they also offer free courses and professional support. Hence, these sites are the most suitable places to start gaining more knowledge about coding and programming for interested individuals.

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