Importance of Mathematics in Computer Science

Importance of Mathematics in Computer Science

There is a very common saying that mathematics is involved in almost every aspect of our daily life. Now, our daily life mostly includes activities supported by machines like computers and mobile phones. Hence, it is pretty evident that mathematics has to be a part of these machines, which run our daily life smoothly. This article upholds the importance of mathematics in computer science.

Now, what we need to find out is the exact importance of mathematics in computer science. This has always been a topic of argument, as some people believe the opposite. However, the majority still believes this to be true.

Importance of Mathematics in Computer Science

In fact, the importance of mathematics in computer science becomes more and more evident with the advent of life-changing technologies like machine learning and AI. The following are some points that illustrate the importance of mathematics in computer science.

1. The Foundation of Computer Science

The basics of what is mostly used in computer science, whether it be the hardware or the software part, are derived from mathematical concepts. For example, probability, number theory, logic notations, etc., are very commonly used in different branches of computer science.

These concepts that computer science utilizes are collectively called Discrete Mathematics. Another example would be the use of Boolean Algebra in logic gates and perhaps Relational Algebra in RDBMS.

Moreover, statistics play a very important role nowadays, as Machine Learning is en route to conquering the entire industry. Statistics has been one of the most revered parts of mathematics since its inception. So, the importance of mathematics in computer science is pretty much inherent in the foundation itself.

2. Algorithms Used in Computer Science

Basically, all the people who belong to the Computer Science stream, professionally or academically, are aware of the term “Algorithm.” Algorithms are nothing but procedures broken down into a step-by-step version.

Now, beginners use algorithms while learning GW-Basic, and professionals who develop enterprise systems for their respective clientele make use of algorithms.

But the question is, how is mathematics important in this? The very first algorithm that anyone ever learns is during childhood while learning basic mathematical operations like addition and subtraction.

The “2 + 2 = 4” equation is perhaps the first and basic algorithm everyone has learned. This process of getting four after adding 2 to 2 has been broken down into steps. Hence, an algorithm, which is an important part of computer science, is also based on such basic methods of mathematical calculations.

3. Analytical Skills Required in Computer Science

The people who are related to computer science in one way or another are very well aware of the fact that one has to have proper analytical skills to exist in this field. The basics of every complex program or method lie in the analysis made by the group involved to do so.

Analyzing every factor before developing any programs or applications is the most important part of any software development life cycle. Now, where do we develop our tendency to analyze anything that seems to be complex to us?

It is obvious from the method of simplification of equations that we have developed this habit. Once we realize an equation, we analyze the steps to break it down into an easier solvable form. We exactly do this to analyze the different steps for developing anything in computer science.

4. Concepts of Mathematics Involved in Computer Science

Well, as we all know, computer science is a collection of many subjects or, rather, technologies together. This includes Operating systems, Databases, Networking, AI, Data Analytics, and many more.

Every single branch involves a different branch of mathematics. For example, Data Analytics requires a good prior knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, multivariable calculus, probability theory, and analytical skills as well. Like this, there are a lot of branches that require a thorough knowledge of mathematical concepts.

Until and unless people are fluent in the discussed mathematical concepts, they may not be able to deal with complex computing scenarios.

5. An Application of Computer Science

It is not always that the importance of Mathematics in Computer Science is only about how it came into existence. But there is also another important aspect of this discussion, which includes the application of Computer Science to Mathematical areas.

One such significant example is tutorial apps. Programmers developed them based on the mathematical concepts discussed above. However, they teach people about mathematics itself.

There are platforms where people get to know and perform in different branches of mathematics like graph plotting, calculus, geometry, statistics, and others. These platforms, where users can perform such activities, are solely developed using core mathematical concepts.


All the above things that we have discussed can describe the importance of Mathematics in Computer Science and its influence. But, of course, still, many people would say that writing a blog or creating a simple HTML webpage doesn’t require prior mathematical knowledge.

However, with the development of recent technologies, it will be a good option to get handy with mathematics to perform well in any computer science-related area.

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