Why Linux is the Best OS for Computer Science Students

Best OS for Computer Science Students

If you’re still not convinced that Linux is the best operating system for a Computer Science student, I recommend reading this article all the way through since you’ll find out why. You might not get the expected response if you ask an expert why Linux is the best OS for Computer Science students. Some people will support Windows, while others will support Linux.

However, to reach a conclusion on which operating system is best for shaping your career in the IT area, this article will provide you with solid reasons. This article will explain why Linux should be a top priority for Computer Science students.

Why Linux is the Best OS for Computer Science Students

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1. Linux is Much More Secure than Other OS

There is no doubt in the fact that Windows is much more vulnerable to cyber-attacks, even if you have the best antivirus on your side. But talking about Linux, you can rely on this operating system as it offers potential security to its users. If you have used Windows before, then you might have heard of the number of hacking cases, malware infections, and virus attacks on PCs. In Linux, you will rarely come across such news due to its robust security.

Linux is much more secure than Windows because of its better package management and repositories. Moreover, Linux has been an open-source platform that ensures regular security updates are provided to the operating system by the community.

When you are using the Windows system, you have to realize how much you have to spend on your antivirus to keep your system safe and secure. However, you might not have to live with such a headache when you choose Linux as your primary OS, as it offers far better privacy than Windows. This is what makes Linux the best OS for a PC.

2. Linux is an Open-Source Operating System

When you are from a Computer Science background, you should know that you are going to be involved with technology in the coming years. Thus, being a technical person, it must be your prime concern to focus on the back end of the software rather than the front end. If this is the situation, then Linux is a gateway for you as it will show you the way it operates.

Moreover, you should not expect such kind of features in Windows or another operating system. Being open-source software, you can enjoy these perks from the Linux OS.

3. Linux is a Handy Operating System for Coders

Being a Computer Science student, you know how coding can build your career in the IT field. However, do you know the best OS that would allow you to code flawlessly? The answer is the Linux operating system, as it is a programmer-friendly OS when compared to Windows and other Operating Systems.

Linux can lead you to run any program, such as Java, C, Python, or any other programming language, without any hassles and in less time than the Windows operating system.

Now you might be eager to know why Linux is the best platform for practicing for programmers. The reason is that its terminal is more compelling than any other operating system. The number of libraries the operating system has enables programmers to code correctly.

Moreover, the Terminal is equipped with a package manager that makes the task for the programmers easy. Also, the various scripting features that Linux offers are one of the reasons why the platform is programmer-friendly.

4. Linux Gets Frequent Software Updates

You have discussed that Linux offers more robust security than any other OS, the reason being it gets frequent software updates from the community. You should also know how important it is to keep your platform up to date with the modern environment. This is what Linux has ensured over the past few years.

However, when the software updates are compared to its rival Microsoft, it has shown a sloppy release of software updates in the past. It has been observed that Windows only gets software updates when the user faces any particular issues.

However, the story is merely the opposite of this operating system. Being a Linux user, you will come across different kinds of updates that are released frequently to keep the OS secure and stable.

5. Number of Distributions in Linux is More

In the above sections, you have learned why Linux is programmer-friendly, secure, and affordable. In this section, you will get to know why Linux is considered to be a flexible platform. The prime reason why Linux is a flexible platform is because of its distribution. It has many distributions to its name from which the user can choose.

Even though Linux’s arch-rival, Windows, has many distributions, it is subject to different uses, and the user might face difficulty while moving with it due to license and price problems. When it comes to the Linux operating system, you are open to choose from any distributions that will cater to your needs.

6. It is Free of Cost

Whether you are using Windows or Mac, nothing comes for free. It’s good news for Linux users as they can save a handful of money while installing the software for free. You can log in to the Linux community and connect the operating system to your PC.

7. Linux Offers the Best Community Support to Its Users

If you have used Windows, you might have recognized various issues. You have to hire an expert to troubleshoot the problem. However, if the situation is the same with Linux, you might not face the same problem.

The robust community support of Linux will guarantee a potential solution to your problem. If you post your problem in the Linux community forum, you will get the desired solution to troubleshoot the problem. All this is because of the open-source nature of this operating system.


I hope the above features of Linux are enough to support the fact that why Linux is the best OS for Computer Science students. Whether you have an old PC or a new one, the Linux operating system is even friendly to older computers as well. Thus, if you have a low-end device, you can download and install the distribution from the Linux community that goes with your device.

If you have any questions or comments about the Linux operating system, you can let us know in the comment section, and we will ensure that you get your answer in the quickest possible time.

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