7 Useful Command Line Tools For Java Developers

Useful Command Line Tools For Java Developers

There are very few programming languages that have ruled the industry for more than two decades. Here, we’re going to discuss a language that came into the market exactly 28 years ago and still has the same amount of demand. Yes, we are talking about Java. It is a platform-independent programming language and has garnered a lot of developers’ attention. Being a platform-independent programming language, Java has been chosen as the first choice by many application developers. Well, if you have an interest in Java, then it is imperative to know about some of the useful command-line tools for Java.

Useful Command-Line Tools For Java Developers

In this section, we’ll discuss helpful command-line tools for Java Developers. Remembering these command-line tools will make your development tasks much simpler than before.

1. Java Dependency Manager (jdeps)

Java Dependency Manager (jdeps) is recognized as the Java class dependency. It is deployed to assist the user with completely new APIs that have the potential to replace the former ones without hampering functionality.

2. Java Statistics Aggregator (jstat)

Java Statistics Aggregator, in short, is known as jstat. It is recognized as a utility tool for displaying the performance statistics of the Java Virtual Machine.

The jstat command is exclusively used when the user is facing runtime problems.

3. Java Compiler (javac)

javac (Java Compiler) is the most popular command used in Java programming. Java developers are accustomed to this command, which is used to find solutions to problems that arise in the project. In other words, the command is used to troubleshoot problems during development.

4. Java Version (java -version)

To check which version of Java is installed on the computer, one can use this command. It will show the Java Version, Java (TM) SE Runtime Environment build number, and JVM build number.

5. Java Profiler (javap)

Java Profiler is another popular command often used by Java developers to get the class files as well as reverse the compilation. It helps users understand precisely what is inside the class files.

Among developers, the javap command is popularly known as a disassembler, but common people rarely use it. In brief, this tool is useful to educate about the workings of a particular statement.

6. Java Archive Utility (jar)

We all are familiar with the Java utility popularly known as a jar. This command helps compress the Archive file and is super useful when it comes to the comparison of the code released by one version to another.

7. JVM Process Status Tool (jps)

Java process status tools function independently in the OS to offer a perfect way to figure out the PID or Process ID of the Java process.

In most cases, the combination of flags ‘-mlv’ works well. It prints out the main method args, full package names, and arguments given to the JVM.

Java has a lot of command-line tools to make a convenient way for the developer during the development process.


Out of so many command-line tools, we have listed the 7 most useful Command Line Tools for Java Developers that will help you with your Java development process. I know, with time, Java and almost every related tool have improved a lot. But still, developers rely on the command line for many important tasks, and also you can perform tasks as quickly as possible.

I hope this was a helpful article for you. If you think we have missed out on something or have a question in your mind, then leave a comment. We will be thankful to help you!

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