Why Android is Linux Based Operating System?

Why Android is Linux Based Operating System

Android is the most trending operating system in the world right now. But do you know that Android is a Linux-based operating system? Did you know that the source codes on which the developers built the Android Operating System are initially Linux kernels? Believe it or not, it is accurate, and we will reveal the story in detail.

Today here we are going to discuss why Android is a Linux-based operating system and the difference between Android and Linux. Now, before we dive deep into this conversation, you should understand the origin stories of both the Linux Kernel and the Android Operating System. So, let us discuss why Linux is most suited to develop the Android OS. Also, we will debate some points to differentiate both operating systems.

Linux Kernel

Linux Kernel is an open-source software package developed from Unix OS. You have to understand that Linux can’t operate on its own, it needs proper driver software for the operating system to run, which Kernel provides. Without the Kernel, you can’t perform tasks or manage the CPU & memories. All in all, the Kernel associated with the Linux OS makes it a complete operating system.

The Kernel is what makes you do multi-tasking and therefore many portable devices that you use run on the Linus Kernel OS. We can say that “Kernel is the middle man between the software and hardware”.

What is Android?

In layman’s terms, Android is a full-fledged operating system typically used in smartphones and tablets. There are recent implementations of Smart TV and SmartWatch running on the Android operating system as well.

Now, if we do a bit of research on the native OS, Android is based on the Linux Kernel. Meaning, that the source codes of the native Linux OS are tweaked to form a definitive operating system of its own. Just like in the 90s, several companies used the Linux source codes to develop a modified operating system like Ubuntu and Mint Linux. Here you can learn more about the Kernel used in Android.

Why Android is Based on Linux?

You may wonder why the developers of Android choose Linux for its native source codes. There are several reasons why you should prefer Linux over any other operating system. However, that is not relevant here. So, skipping that point, we can say that the developers of Android wanted a seamless operating system, especially for portable devices. Moreover, since Windows is a proprietary product of Microsoft, they have to rely on an open-source platform.

Apart from that, Linux is the most compatible and works on almost every platform or device. To add to that, the security in this operating system is top-notch, so you can do pretty much what you like. When it comes to performance, you can’t compare it to any other operating system of its kind, making Linux the ultimate choice for Android.

How Android and Linux are Different?

You can argue that the source code of Android is from Linux, but there is no doubt that Android is not Linux! We can say that Android is a Linux-based operating system just because it is made on the Linux kernel.

Despite the similarities, there are some significant differences between the two operating systems. First of all, Android doesn’t use the usual Linux kernel. Secondly, the GNU software and libraries are missing in the Android operating system, and most importantly, you can’t use an Android app on Linux or the reverse.


Android is the most popular and obvious choice for your Smartphone, Tablet, Smart TV, and other portable devices. You can say it is similar to Linux, but can’t say it is identical. Moreover, people are trying to innovate every day to make more flagship content for the Android operating system.

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